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On the third day of Christmas, win a “Mr and Mrs Farmer” Mug

On the third day of Christmas

This illustration is from Would You Marry A Farmer? and I love it. It’s a play on the American Gothic painting and to me, this suggests a couple who have got through all the trials of a farm marriage and as they have never reached the stage of stabbing each other with that pitchfork, they stand united with the pitchfork between them – wiser, older and still in love.

That image is now on this mug on the Zazzle [...]

Win a ‘Farm Picnic’ Kitchen Towel on the second day of Christmas

Farm Picnic Kitchen Towel

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …… a ‘farm picnic’ kitchen towel to remember those summer days of having dinner in the field where a tyre offered a backrest and an upturned bucket a seat and the food was tasty and the children raced around jumping over bales or swathes of silage. And you have a chance of winning one of these towels over on the Facebook page.


Christmas Gifts for the Farmer’s Wife

What kind of Christmas gifts do farmers buy for their wives? Are some good at buying gifts, do others either get nothing or presume the wife will get her own gift? Do they both buy practical things for the house for Christmas?

My darling husband came in last night with what he said was my Christmas gift – a free diary from our feed company. His excuse was that it cost Farmers wife top[...]