Farm Wife T-Shirt – Sixth Day of Christmas Prize

On the 5th and 6th Days of Christmas (as I was away yesterday), my true love gave to me ………. Yes, you can win a T-shirt with one of the illustrations from my books on the front of it. This one is what I call the “hoppity dance”, when one animal escapes and your brain and feet don’t work in tandem as you’re not sure whether to chase after the escaped cow or stop the others escaping. The farmer, of course, having run out of hand signals, throws his arms in the air which means you have passed the point of no return. I think it would fun for any farmer’s wife or daughter who has experienced stopping a gap and sorting cattle.


For a chance to win: tell me in a comment here, in a tweet or a comment this Facebook update or even on Instagram, what have your ‘hoppity dance‘ moments involved? What happened to make you go eeek, should I run or should I stay?

I will draw the winner on the evening of 12th December so just comment before then. 

How are your Christmas preparations going? The Christmas tree is now up and decorated, the rest will be done by mid-week all going well. It suddenly seems like Christmas is only around the corner so I think I’d better start making some lists. November disappeared in a thrice and I’m sure December will go just as quickly. My plans for Christmas are to catch up on my reading, I must have at least 50 unread books and if I get ten of them read, I’ll be a very happy girl.

Speaking of books …… if you’re looking for a Christmas stocking filler or a fun gift for a bride marrying a farmer, my book How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife is perfect and is also available on Amazon as kindle and paperback.

Review of Perfect Farm Wife in Horse and Countryside

Here’s what Kate of Horse and Countryside said about it (the editor sent me the full review):

Lorna’s second book on the ups and downs of life as a farmer’s wife is a delightful read, full of sharp observations on the realities of an agricultural life, mixed with a little social history, the odd recipe and some priceless tips on how to achieve the mythical status of the Perfect Farm Wife.  There are more serious chapters too, addressing vital but sometimes neglected topics such as keeping an eye on your farmer’s mental health and paying attention to the maintenance of your relationship.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable book and I will be giving copies to several friends who I suspect secretly harbour an ambition of becoming the Perfect Farm Wife.

Happy Days! Oh, and don’t forget to enter the competition for the t-shirt.

Update: Winner of the T-shirt is Suz Fielding

2 thoughts on “Farm Wife T-Shirt – Sixth Day of Christmas Prize

  • Margaret

    Being on duty for 2 gaps at the same time, involving climbing over a gate, out-running the cattle, leaping a ditch and avoiding barbed wire in the space of about a minute and a half.



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