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My Farming Month: Award Winning Scones, Anniversaries and How Things Are Not Quite What They Seem


Helllooooo, long time no see – I know. You see, remember that book I’m working on and self publishing in September. It was tootling along fine, needed lots and lots of re-writing of course as my drafts are always ridiculously long-winded, ?and then six weeks ago, I decided to change the angle on one section which led to two sections. Translate that into a re-write on 20,000 words. I liked the look of it and then I looked at the [...]

Why I Am Voting Yes

Ireland has a referendum tomorrow – all Irish citizens can vote on whether or not they think it is right for gay people to marry. Both the ‘Yes’ and the ‘No’ campaigns have been working hard and to be honest, I’ve a feeling it is going to be extremely close.

Mr & Mr Farmer

Mr & Mr Farmer

The reason there has to be a referendum is because [...]

The #Farmerettes Tweet Up

Farmerettes at Cillin Hill MartIt was a dark, blustery and very unsummerlike day when I arrived at Cillin Hill mart for our #farmerettes tweet up. Organised some 2 months ago, the idea came from a couple of tweets and as always with determined and enthusiastic women, the date and venue was decided as the number of female farmers on twitter who wished to [...]

The Long Winter

Ireland’s winter has now been going on for almost 12 months – it started last May when we had to rehouse cows at night and with the ridiculously wet summer, it was tough going to keep cows out, cattle were in and out and getting silage cut for the winter was a challenge!

The fact at the moment is that numerous farmers are undergoing severe fodder shortages. Yes, there are farmers, mostly older ones, that weren’t aware the quality of their [...]