10 Reasons a Farmer is an Ideal Husband

I admit that between long and sometimes unsociable working hours, smelly clothing and scruffy vehicles not to mention the proximity of his entire family to your living arrangments, farmers have not always been seen as the best catch in marriageable material. Except, of course, for those madly in love, after the road frontage or looking at baby livestock through rose tinted glasses. We’re 25 years married next week (eeek) so I thought it was good timing to show farmers can make ideal husbands and here are ten reasons to prove it.

  1. Appreciates Your Cooking

Farmers are often late for dinner. They have a habit of saying “I’ll be ten minutes” and then arriving an hour later as something either delayed or distracted them. But don’t let this annoy you. It isn’t always a disadvantage as hunger is a good sauce. Your cooking will always be appreciated.

2. Provides Photo Opportunities

how to 7

Most farmers own livestock. You can use them in your own personal photoshoots. Taking selfies takes on a whole new enjoyment level when you include farm animals and as for increasing your Instagram followers, a farmer and his animals are a huge asset!

3. Provides Ready Excuses When You Want Them

Having to cancel nights out at the last minute happens frequently during busy farming seasons but this isn’t always a disadvantage. If you don’t want to go to an event, make the excuse that help is required with a calving cow or runaway sheep. The same goes if you want to leave an event early. You’ll never have to suffer listening to Uncle Kevin or Aunt Mavis for long again.

4. Multi-Talented

Farmers have a lot of talents. Being a farmer means he is also a carpenter, builder, decorator, veterinarian, welder, mechanic, weatherman and scientist so he’s is fairly adept at DIY among other things. Never mind that you’ll have to wait for the “quiet time” of the year to get a shelf fixed, it will get done once you say “I’ll do the paperwork / help you sort the cattle once you put up that shelf”.

5. Your Sir Galahad

He can be your knight in shining armour should your car ever not start or get stuck in snow or mud. He may not arrive on a white horse but he’ll be driving a machine big enough to sort out your emergency.

6. Romance Isn’t Dead And Gone

3(b) going into the sunset

Romantic Nights out are rare during busy seasons but you can still have a romantic date by joining him on the tractor when he’s spreading fertiliser or cutting corn. You can head off into the sunset together (even if you do have to turn around at the field boundary). Picnics in the field can be special too.

7. Eco Friendly Lifestyle

He’s into sustainable living and lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You can impress others at dinner parties (during those months when you manage a social life) by dropping into conversation tales about growing your own vegetables, producing your own meat, making cheese from the cows’ milk and eating eggs from your own hens, not to mention foraging for blackberries, wild garlic and field mushrooms. Don’t forget your windmill on the highest hill too.

8. Guilt-Free “Maintenance Days”

18 - Maintanance Days

You don’t have to live in each other’s pockets. You can have very different “maintenance days”. Go for a spa day or a massage without feeling guilty about him working so hard. He genuinely loves having a peaceful day tinkering around with a machine.

9. Resourceful

Farmers are inventive and creative. At the very least, the humble pallet is used to make compost bins, garden furniture, playhouses, temporary gates and kindling for the fire.

10. Superman

11 - Superman

Farmers are strong. He’s your Superman. And you’re his Wonder Woman.

I was interviewed really by Will Evans for his weekly podcast and I just loved the fun photo he created, based on2017-07-31 11.30.56-1 the cover of An Ideal Farm Husband.

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