Book Launch #2

It’s becoming quite the trend for authors to have two or even more launches now, usually one in Dublin and one in whatever part of the country they come from. I love going to book launches but I do quake at the prospect of having them. There I was thinking I was getting away with just one quick launch by having it at the Ploughing Championships when Noeleen and Leona from The Book Centre in Wexford contacted me to ask if I’d like to have a book launch down there.  Wexford is starting to feel like a second home now as far as books are concerned. The Wexford Literary Festival hosts a fabulously friendly and interesting conference each year and I’ve been to all three so far. Apart from enjoying the talks, I’ve got to know lots of authors from the South East too and then I go to more launches in that area and get to know more people and so it goes on. Therefore, in many ways, it feels apt to be launching it down there – maybe I’ll adopt Wexford as my second county!

Book Launch of An Ideal Farm Husband - do come along if you can

Anyway, the details of the launch – if you are able to come, I’d be delighted to see you (and yes, I’m starting to get scared now as well as excited). It’s Friday 21st Oct (so not long to go) at 7pm in the Book Centre. Ann Fitzgerald of the Irish Independent is doing the honours again and you never know what else might happen.

I’d love to see you there if you can make it.

In other exciting news, my second book How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife has been shortlisted in the non fiction section for the Carousel Aware Prize for Independent Authors so I’ll be going along to that event on 25th October. Chuffed to be one of five finalists.


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