An Ideal Farm Husband – a free eBook for you

We all need a laugh. The evenings are getting dark earlier and earlier, the news is full of Brexit and Covid, the weather forecast isn’t good for next week. We need music and laughter and tea and comfort food and good television programmes and cosiness.

An ideal farm husband? Would he be handy too? Well, I can’t promise you the perfect husband but I do have the means of improving him perhaps or at the very least, of dropping hints to him on how to improve. All he has to do is read the book. Or you can read some bits aloud to him. I love hearing that one member of the family is reading the book quietly and then laughs out loud and has to read sections to the rest of the family as they recognise funny things they do within its pages.

Available on all Amazon platforms for free this weekend.

An Ideal Husband would be-

My book An Ideal Farm Husband is free to download on Amazon Kindle for the weekend (till Tuesday) so it is my little gift to you if you haven’t read it already.

Packed full of historical information; personal ads for partners; subtle and brutally honest tips and hints; discussions of serious issues too such as pre-nuptial agreements; illustrations; and “his and her” quizzes to see if you have both learnt and pass the tests.

It was a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a good farm must be in want of a husband

It was a fun book to write. I particularly enjoyed the research into personal ads and newspaper articles. I had many interesting discussions as research too: whether he should buy the engagement ring before proposing or not; where is the best venue for a first date; how not to scare her off when first bringing her to the farm, and indeed impress her; whether pre-nuptials are a good idea or not; how best to manage living close to your (or her) parents when married; how to have fun on the farm; how farmers can best show their romantic side and much much more. Derry Dillon did a superb job on the illustrations which are dotted throughout the pages.

If you would like to download the An Ideal Farm Husband for free this weekend (normally £2.99 stg / $3.99 USD), here are links to three Amazon shops but it is available on all Amazon platforms.


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