Bookworms: Review of Bossypants by Tina Fey

Tina Fey Bossypants ReviewBossypants by Tina Fey was our book of choice for February – a humourous memoir by Tina Fey and yes, it did have humourous moments. Starting from her early years, she recounts episodes such as her first day in school and how everyone treated her kindly because of her scar. To be honest, if I’d enjoyed this, I’d have devoured it in a day but it took me a month to read, dipping in and out. ?I just wasn’t interested enough in it or her. One of the funniest episodes has to be her honeymoon, a cruise because her husband was terrified of flying and how they nearly drowned and then had to fly home anyway. I really only ‘got into it’ when reading about her success when making impressions of Sarah Palin – the final few chapters. ?Her final chapter describing the long drive (7 ?hours!) at ?Christmas to visit relatives and then the description of a rather terse Christmas season with the relatives, especially when they visit them in New York, is funny.

I also enjoyed the bit (and I can’t find it now) where she described the awkwardness when you meet people – which cheek to you kiss, do you kiss once or twice, isn’t it much easier to shake hands but I think it’s because I empathised with it! I’m one of those people who has my hand out to shake hands and then realise I’m expected to kiss a cheek! ?Watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice recently, I was thinking to myself wouldn’t it be much easier if we just bowed to each other or gave a quick curtsy – no awkwardness, no inward grimacing when someone takes your hand in an iron grip or else holds it like a wet fish, no kiss, kiss, kiss, – a quick bow and that’s it.

Tina Fey does write well and she deals with many issues in a humourous way – sexism in work, work relationships, work related stress, limited pay, long hours, dating, having babies, being a working mum – men in offices peeing in used coffee cups!!! ?Maybe I wasn’t quite in the ‘zone’ while reading it. It’s a good read but it’s not brilliant. ?While getting the image above, I read that she got a ?6million advance for it – wow!!


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