Carol Klein kicks off Carlow Garden Festival

It’s the #CarlowGardenFest this week and it kicked off last night with a superb talk from Carol Klein. I’ve always enjoyed watching her on Gardeners World and various programmes, her enthusiasm and her sense of humour as well as her gardening knowledge. I was wondering how the talk would be presented, would she be giving a demonstration of planting or what?

Carlow Garden Festival

Dee of Greenside Up and Carol Klein

Carol is just as funny and enthusiastic in real life, I always think it is lovely when you meet someone and they are just like they are on twitter or on TV etc. ?She showed us about 40 pictures from her own garden taking us through the seasons and telling us about the planting and how they have altered it over the years. We were all green with envy looking at her flowering terraces, her huge raised beds and the various trees. I’d have loved to have seen a video taking us through the garden too, like a walking tour.

Brian thoroughly enjoyed it too, he got more from it than I did as he is, by far, the more knowledgeable gardener of the two of us. We have a number of large beds in our garden but they all need much more attention than they get. If he could spend more time in his garden, he’d be a very very happy farmer.

For more updates on what the Carlow Garden Festival has in store this week, do check out Vibrant Ireland’s latest post. There’s lots and lots to see and do and learn.

As it happened, we were invited to a wedding party in the same hotel as the gardening talk so Brian just had to milk early (cows got a surprise when they saw him coming for them) and we went straight from one to the other! We’re doing pretty well this summer for days and nights out! ?I’m off next week to the UK for two days. Spending one day at this conference on farming and social media, I’m presenting on ‘how to crowdfund for a farming business/creative idea’ and as the Nantwich show is the following day, I’m going to go to that too. ?It’s been busy with the blog awards too – the long list was published the other night and all the judging forms are being sorted and sent out later this week!

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