Day Out At The Beach

We haven’t had a day out as a family in ages, months in fact. ?The calving season is always busy but with the bad weather, farming has been more labour intensive with cattle having to be fed fodder and bedded instead of just being checked daily. ?We’ve got the heifers out now, we usually run them after the cows in the fields near the house so we can keep an eye on them to see which ones are on heat (AI started last week) but with a shortage in grass, they’re on a field that is a tad further away.

Tramore Beach May 2013

We decided to head to the beach, the kids love it, they aren’t too keen on going for the long walks that we love to do but still love building sandcastles and splashing in the sea. ?Too cold to go in too far today but they still enjoyed jumping around. We’re about 75 minutes from the beach so by the time the jobs are done in the morning and for us to get back for the evening jobs, there was only time for about 3.5 hours there. It was windy so we were glad of the windbreaker.

Tramore Beach

3 years ago this weekend we spent the bank holiday weekend at the beach, we were just trying to work out today how we managed to get away for the 3 days!!

Fish and Chips by the sea

A fish and chip supper went down well too! Essential for a day at the beach. ‘Naturally enough’, the farmerette drove and the farmer fell asleep, waking up to marvel at how fast the journey was going and to look at the cattle in fields as we passed.

One thought on “Day Out At The Beach

  • Dee sewell

    What a lovely day out! We discovered the beach last year and went down a couple of times two or three times making up for lost time. Reading your post brought back memories & we always finish with fish n chips too! Somehow days like that are all the more precious when they’re rare 🙂



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