I’m turning into one of those!

I’m turning into one of those! You know the type, they pick something up in a shop to read the ingredients or see the price and end up pushing glasses up to their forehead or peering over them or moving the item closer and further away in an attempt to focus their eyes properly.

woman wearing glassesI’ve been noticing that my eyes are taking longer to adjust when moving from say, the TV to the crochet or tweeting or my book and as I seldom watch TV with empty hands, it’s become v noticeable – and irritating!! I’m constantly moving the glasses or letting them fall down to peer over them. I went to get my eyes tested yesterday expecting to be told that my eyesight had deteriorated significantly. The good news is it hadn’t – it is still the same. The bad news is I’ve been afflicted by what hits many people once they reach their 40s, my eyes are just getting slower to adjust and varifocals might be the answer though they can take time to adjust. ? I’ve been reading glass-less at night and find that fine and it is okay to do that but the problems start when my eyes are moving from book to TV or from book to iphone whether I’m wearing glasses or not.

I’m turning into one of those people who peer over their glasses at times, old age is setting in. I’ve decided to leave it for a couple of weeks now I know I’m okay reading without the glasses but it sounds like the varifocals will become essential eventually, it’s just a question of when.

Anyone else tried varifocals and how did you find the adjustment?


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