Irish Farmerette in the New York Times

You never know where your blog might get you! ?I was talking at a Web Pow Wow in Wexford some months ago based on my experience of having an online shop and using social media to promote it. Naturally I also mentioned Write on Track as my new business and made a reference to my Irish Farmerette blog too.

New York Times

I then received a phone call from a journalist a couple of weeks ago, a freelance journalist who had been at the Web Pow Wow and wanted to interview farmers who were using social media. It happened that the article was for the New York Times International Weekly which is distributed in lots of countries and read by millions of people and is even translated into Croatian, Spanish and other languages too. ?Here’s the link to the English version 🙂 One of my quotes was used and it was interesting to see which of my points about why businesses should be blogging was used.

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