Paying It Forward – Liebster Blog Award

I was delighted to be awarded the Liebster award from a foodie blogger Karen O’Connell of Follow the Food Link, I had noticed a few bloggers mention it and indeed, Karen was awarded the award by two bloggers.

The Rules are – you thank the person who nominated you for the award and link to them. Copy and paste the Liebster award to your own profile. Choose 5 blogs that you think are worthy of the award (have to be under 200 followers) , link to them and leave a comment letting them know.

It’s all about spreading the blogging love 🙂

Here’s my 5 choices (in no particular order):

  • Crazy Moos – a dairy farm in California. Apart from the great name, I’m finding it interesting to see what aspects of dairy farming are similar and what are different between farming in America and Ireland. I love the writing style too and how he explains so much about dairy farming to non-farming readers.
  • The Cheese Mall – follow the story of 2 fictional cartoon mice, Millie and Matthew, who wrote a brilliant business plan (and a book) to secure finance for their new business. They are now blogging about their first year in business.
  • Zwartbles Ireland – have you heard of Zwartble sheep? I hadn’t before I met Suzanne at a KLCK bloggers meeting – they are a breed of sheep that are wonderful for lots of reasons and Suzanne blogs about them with a passion. Do read about Aggee who was nursed back to health in the Aga with a copy of the Farmers Journal for a blanket.
  • New Farmerette – I met Elaine ‘virtually’ (ie tweeting) after the Women & Agriculture conference last September and we were following each other on twitter. Soon after, Elaine started blogging and has taken to it like a duck to water and posts almost every day. She teaches horse riding too as well as working on the farm and I’m really enjoying reading posts by another working mum who is working on the farm and running another business alongside it.
  • Spelt for Choice – I love the name of this blog and Marian creates great recipes all with various intolerances in mind. I recently purchased some ingredients so that I’d be well equipped to make some of the recipes in her fab cookbook but that’s as far as I got! I tend to cook and bake the things I know but having said that, I am gluten intolerant to a degree (it affects my eczema) and I am determined to make some of Marian’s recipes second nature within my cooking and baking remit!
I hope you’ll pop over and check out any of these blogs that are new to you. All of them come highly recommended.?

While we’re on the topic of awards, I’m delighted to announce that together with Amanda Webb and Beatrice Whelan, I’m one of the organisers of the Blog Awards Ireland which will be happening on 13th October 2012 and we’ll have more information on it very soon.

Happy St Patrick’s Day xx

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