Buy Irish at the Ploughing Championships 2011

It is Ploughing Championship time again, that time of year when up to 80,000 people a day descend on a part of the country to have a day out. The Ploughing Match started back in 1931 with 40 entries. Even in my childhood, the ploughing match was unexciting for children unless they were machinery or animal enthusiasts.

However, looking at the NPA website today, there is scarcely a mention of ploughing at all on the home page – from sections advertising fashion, food, machinery, vintage, shopping, renewable energy and more. Yes, the ploughing competition still exists but the ploughing match is so much more.

If you are going, do bring cash with you to spend if you can. Having stood at a stand last year for 3 long days and seeing so few people buying anything, I swore I would never have a stand at it again. So many people walked around the ploughing match last year and left with empty hands, yes, it is an expensive day out between the entry charge, buying teas, chips, toys for children etc. ?I have to admit that the children always bring their money to buy some toys and I never before bothered that much, partly due to having to carry purchases around. ?Do remember though that ?so many businesses are there having paid out a lot of money for stands, so do buy Irish and buy at the Ploughing match. Decide to do a little of your Christmas shopping at the ploughing match and give those business people a good Ploughing match. No, I am not doing a stand this year and never will again but there are so many business people out there with more patience and tolerance than me! Do support them this September .. do some Christmas shopping or buy some yummy food stuffs and have a good day. Don’t forget the wellies!

4 thoughts on “Buy Irish at the Ploughing Championships 2011

  • paula sheridan

    Really hoping people will buy Irish at the Ploughing this year. Great selection of Carlow crafts and goods will be available at the “Experience Carlow” tent 301K. Hope my first “ploughing” experience will be more fruitful than yours lorna and hopefully my patience won’t be tried!!! Pink wells already purchased so that’s a good start!

    • Lorna -

      Oh Paula, with pink wellies, you will stand out as a fake farmerette ;-).

      Hope it goes well for you but there is a reason I have an online shop rather than a bricks and mortar one, I much prefer dealing with people thru the laptop! it is a long 3 days and if you can get someone to relieve you at times, it will help a lot. The only things I saw people carrying around last year was a type of mop, you know the salesman type who could sell snow to Eskimos and manage to sell magic mops that probably fall apart or are too gimmicky but people fall for it everytime!
      Will call and see you all 🙂

  • WiseMona

    I have never been to the NPA Lorna. We did go to the Mayo ploughing championship a few years ago but it was so expensive we left with a bad taste in our mouths. I hear that this year even has a lot of nice foodie stalls lined up. Hope you are getting a bit of sun over there. Our Sunday evening is really shaping up nicely.

    • Lorna

      To be honest, Mona, I wouldn’t be going this year only the kids want to go and as Brian needs to see some machinery etc, I need to go to escort them around, plus there are a couple of stands I’d like to see. Talking to a steward last year, he said he had never seen so many people leaving with empty hands, I hope for the business people that people do bring some cash with them this year.
      Nice evening here too but the kids have got the duplo out of the attic and I’m going to read them some Harry Potter in a few min



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