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Carlow is Tasty … and Beautiful

Have you ever played the part of a tourist in your own area? I’ve done it before when we’ve had visitors staying, we’ve brought them to those places loved by tourists and enjoyed the venues ourselves. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to explore the beauty of Carlow and yes, I admit, I ended up being a little ashamed that I haven’t made more of an effort to enjoy it in the past.

I do think it says a lot that [...]

Day Out At The Beach

We haven’t had a day out as a family in ages, months in fact. ?The calving season is always busy but with the bad weather, farming has been more labour intensive with cattle having to be fed fodder and bedded instead of just being checked daily. ?We’ve got the heifers out now, we usually run them after the cows in the fields near the house so we can keep an eye on them to see which ones are on heat [...]

Days Out for Irish Farmerette

Days out tend to be pretty precious around here – partly because Brian’s only half day off tends to be Sunday afternoons although he usually does try to get the occasional day off during the school holidays. Bad weather means he is busier than normal and means that we don’t necessarily have as much enthusiasm for trying to get away. It’s like we need sunshine to put a spring in our step!

I recently met two friends at Russborough [...]

Human Body Exhibtion

I ?brought the children to see the Human Body Exhibition in the Ambassador on O’Connell St in Dublin. ?I often find that I see something on and think to myself that I must bring the children to it and then time passes and it is gone.

I was a little unsure what the children would make of it [...]