A Peek At My Oul China

Here’s a glimpse of my home – or parts of it! ?When we lived in England, we always lived in old terraced red brick houses and loved collecting antiques. We were busy renovating and decorating houses and seemed to spend all our money in DIY stores but we used to visit the local Salisbury auction almost every Friday night, and if something caught our eye, we’d stay and bid. ?We also used to pick up smaller pieces in antique shops. I loved blue and white china and gathered some that cost more than we could afford and others that were going for a song.

I am admitting that I’m not the best with a camera – I tend to pull out the iphone, point and shoot!

Blue and white china on dresser

These sit at the end of the kitchen (stove is in the other corner) – it is proving to be a cosy corner to curl up in with a book and Will can be found there with a Harry Potter book every now and then 🙂

Kitchen Dresser

Mixed Crockery on DresserButter paddlesOur utility is quite a large square room with a sink and some cupboards, the usual washing machine etc but not being that domesticated, I wanted it to look rather non-utility looking as I walk through to the kitchen from the back door. ?This was a mahogany dresser so we took the doors off and painted it. Brian extended the height and hence, it is kind of built in now! ?As it has different sections, I’m using it to display my various colours and styles of crockery. My kenwood has been fixed so I really must do what I’ve been meaning to do for ages and make some butter and put those butter paddles to good use!Orange and Yellow

This little cup has 3 little feet and was a present from my mother-in-law – it’s one of my favourite pieces here. The serving plate is one of a set of 3. The smaller pieces are of art deco period and if I remember correctly, are Clarice Cliff though I might be wrong!

This tiny “doll’s house” tea set was something I fell in love with.
Blue and White Tea Set

I can still remember buying it in Marlborough and working out how to afford it. ?It must have been hand fired as the saucers are quite uneven and one or two are unglazed underneath. The cups are so titchy, they just about fit on the end of my fingertips. One of my favourites.

Blue and white tea setThis other blue and white doll’s tea set is bigger in size, more uniform too which suggests it isn’t as old and was probably created in greater numbers. I can’t remember the price of either but this one wasn’t as dear.Bunnykins

This little set was a Christmas gift when I was a child and I ate from it regularly. The plate is chipped but heyho!

Mini tureenI like the colours of these too and another favourite is this little tureen. The serving spoon is of the same material and fits in through a neat little hole in the lid.

I’m definitely going to retire to a Victorian cottage and display them there too 🙂

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