My Favourite Rituals

Elaine at New Farmerette wrote a post some time ago outlining her two favourite rituals of the day and at the time, I thought it was a lovely idea and that I must do something similar. The problem was I couldn’t think of just two!!

Irish Cows Going Out

Favourite Rituals 1 & 2

I love coming in on a cold, frosty morning after feeding the calves and the heat of new stove in the kitchen enveloping me like a hug. ?Brian tends not to eat anything or else very little before he goes to milk and has a late breakfast anytime between 9:30-11 depending on the time of year and the amount of work that needs doing before breakfast. We tend to have a good chat over breakfast and unless we are discussing paperwork that needs to be done, there’s a nice relaxed mood going on.

Favourite Ritual 3

I also like when he goes out to work and I settle down to the laptop to write some ‘ghost posts’ for clients, a blog post of my own or prepare for a teaching course. I like silence and usually switch off the radio at this stage.

Favourite Ritual 4

The kids usually do their homework on little tables in front of the living room fire and as this can take up to an hour, I usually crochet a small granny square of 5 rows as I’m sitting beside them. ?If they don’t have an activity that evening and particularly if the rain is bashing off the windows, I’ll read a couple of chapters to them from whatever book we’re reading.

Favourite Ritual 5

I Love Chocolate!I also love when I’ve put the children to bed and I return downstairs to make a cup of tea, plonk by the armchair in front of the fire, switch on the TV (sometimes noticing that it is the first time that day it has been switched on and giving myself a clap on the back for being such a great parent that my kids haven’t watched TV at all that day!!), reach for the laptop, a book or the crochet – depending on whether Brian is there to chat to and also what is on the box in the corner.

Favourite Ritual 6

With my new iphone 5, I have started to download some books on ibooks and since discovering that my eyesight isn’t being ruined by not wearing glasses when reading, I’ve really enjoyed catching up on some classics. Although my Jane Austen novels are all on the bookcase, I find it a pain to read a novel in bed and stay warm under the covers. With such a busy calving season, Brian was often up half the night so I’d take myself off to bed and read on my iphone. As the screen is lit up, I didn’t even have to bother reaching to switch off the light. I just switch off the light and often fall asleep reading, waking up a few minutes later to switch off the phone and put it on the locker. I’ve read 4 of the 6 Jane Austen novels and am thoroughly enjoying them.

There’s my 6 favourite rituals and I manage to achieve at least 3 of them each day – happy days 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Rituals

  • Doris Cantwell

    Hi Lorna I am also enjoying reading on the iphone. I find it great as you have it in my bag at all times and can read in car (when waiting on husband,) also I have read some in coffee shops as well as bed. I am reading Little Women at the moment. I sure the author never imagined they would be read on such technology.

    • Lorna

      Yes, well it is a word I use 🙂 I love nothing better in winter than sitting by the fire with a book. I like solitude to an extent too. It’s funny how winter days can be so similar and summer days will be much more varied



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