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Farm diversification usually seems to refer to on-farm businesses such as those that are related to food, animals or accommodation. ?My new farm diversification business isn’t on-farm though – it is online and offers social media training. This has been a busy week as we’ve been working on finishing a new website (we refers to myself, Amanda of Spiderworking who is a co-organiser of the Blog Awards, and Marie my biz partner at Write on Track).

We Teach Social MediaWe launch We Teach Social today – offering social media courses online to English speaking people all over the world who have access to email and wish to learn how to use the various social media platforms for their business. We’re offering feedback to participants in all the courses which we see as extremely important. ?We’re all passionate about social media and ensuring the people know how to use it properly, to their advantage, that they follow the rules and enjoy it.

We’ve put up 3 courses so far – Twitter for Beginners, How To Use Pinterest For Your Business, and Social Media for Charities, Clubs and Community Clubs. Upcoming courses will include Business Blogging, Personal Blogging, Social Media Competitions, Advanced Twitter, Advanced Pinterest, YouTube and more. We’re giving away a free course a month too to new subscribers to our newsletter so do sign up for notifications of upcoming courses too.

Don’t forget the #farmerettes from last week’s tweetup are going to be on RTE Countrywide this morning too. I’m also on KLCR radio on Sunday evening at 6pm in their ‘People in Profile’ programme talking about how I seem to change career every 5 years and what I’m up to at the moment.

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