Mother’s Day Gifts for Farm Mums

Mother’s Day in 2015 falls on 15th March in Ireland, United Kingdom, Nigeria and Bangladesh, most other countries celebrate it on 10th May this year.

There’s ten days to go to the first Mother’s Day but bear in mind that some of these will require time to be delivered – so don’t dither around on ordering the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

#1 You Can’t Scare Me: I’m A Farmer’s Wife

You Can't Scare Me: I Am A Farmer's Wife

You Can’t Scare Me: I Am A Farmer’s Wife

The perfect mug for your mum – reflecting the respect she deserves! Just make sure she is happy being described as a farmer’s wife though (maybe she’d prefer to be called the farmer)!

#2. I Will Love You ‘Til The Cows Come Home

I will love you till the cows come home

I will love you till the cows come home

I love this – this simple picture with its toy cow is?a great play on the famous expression and perfect whether you are the son, daughter or husband of a wonderful mum to assure her of your never-ending love.

#3. T-Shirt – I Farm, You Eat

I farm, you eat

I farm, you eat

I like the simplicity of this t-shirt, there’s no doubt about the fact that the hard work by farming families means there is food on your plate every day.

#4. Pretty Print

No one works harder than a farmer except perhaps a farmer's wife

No one works harder than a farmer except perhaps a farmer’s wife

This print is pretty but also recognises her everlasting hard work in the home and on the farm.

#5. My Heart Belongs To A Farmer

I belong to a farmer's wife

My heart belongs to a farmer

My heart belongs to a farmer – what a pretty and yet practical necklace. The perfect jewellery for accessorising outfits on days to agricultural shows.

#6. Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

What woman doesn’t like cake? This pretty print is Irish and available from I Love Mayo.

#7. Pretty Textiles & Mugs

Red Sheep, Blue Sheep

Red Sheep, Blue Sheep

A Farmer’s Daughter has beautifully designed textiles and mugs as well as stationery. You’ll find gorgeous designs with a farming theme.

#8. Irish Farming Life

Irish Farming Life

Irish Farming Life

I really recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading about farming and history. I reviewed it here.

#9. Animal Photography

Cow Photography

Cow Photography

Choose from a selection of farm animal photography on this etsy shop or order a custom print especially for Mother’s Day.

#10. Farmer’s Wife Sign

On the 9th Day ...

On the 9th Day …

Get on her right side with this sign – and show her what a good job she does of everything.


And of course, if she married a farmer – you have to buy her a copy of Would You Marry A Farmer? – available with free shipping worldwide here and on kindle. The absolutely perfect Mother’s Day gift!

What’s your favourite of the ten by the way? Which one would you get for your mum?

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