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I love reading – love reading to myself and I love reading to my children. Although they are too old now for ‘bedtime stories’ I still read them a series of books each winter. Two years ago we did the Harry Potter series in four months, last year we did the Famous Five, The Hobbit and the first Lord of the Rings. ?This year, I’ve been so busy I haven’t been reading much to them but are part way through The Secret ?Garden with plans to read more classics and then the Philip Pullman’s The Dark Materials – I read them many years ago and loved all three.

One thing that used to strike me when the children were small was how they enjoyed books with very few words so much. There was one story called ‘Hug’ and that was the only word on almost all of the pages. I think it was about a baby monkey looking for her mother and seeing lots of other parents and babies hugging. Well, they loved it – it was a firm favourite.

bee the book

I was recently chatting to a lady on twitter and discovering that she has produced a book for children with half the profits going to the most worthy charity BeeforBattens. ?Bee the Book is a wonderful book for children for so many reasons. As you look through the hole, you can read the story for that page on the flap but it has so much other potential.

Bee the bookYes, it starred on the Late Late Toy Show last year.

I love the idea of being a different animal each night and creating my own story depending on whether I am a bee or a duck or a horse. Kids always love the made-up stories too. You may think they are rubbish but to kids, your own stories are brilliant.

Kids could do that too – they could pretend to be an animal and tell their own little story. It’s a great resource for kids in junior or senior infants or Montessori. ?There’s that HeadBenz game they play too when the other kids give them clues as to what animal they are and they guess. Tons of potential – it’s a really simple and effective book and those simple yet clever ideas are always the best.

bee the book 3

Bee the Book is stocked in some book shops or if you would like to buy it online, they are very kindly giving all readers of this blog free shipping if you use the code ‘farmerette‘. ?With Christmas coming, this is a great gift for ?10 and you will be helping a most deserving charity too. Kids will love it!

9 thoughts on “Book Review: Bee The Book

    • Lorna

      2 chapters of Harry Potter takes about 90 minutes, even though my husband protested if he came in and I was reading, he used to listen too! When we were getting near the end of the third book, I started one evening at 6:30 and they wouldn’t let me stop until it had finished, it was so good. I had to read eating my tea and finished at 9:45 – exhausted!
      The difference is as there aren’t pictures they don’t tend to sit beside me but play with their dolls house, cars etc as they are listening and then when it gets to an exciting part, they hop around the room wondering what I am going to read next.
      I’ll be sad when they get too old for it but have to admit I haven’t done it much in last 2 months – plan to get back into it after the next couple of weeks.

    • Lorna

      I haven’t seen the film. Is Nicole Kidman in it? Loved the books and looking forward to reading them to the kids. Brilliant that it is a series too. Now all I need is to be snowed in for a couple of weeks 😉

      • J.D. Gallagher

        Yes, Kidman was in it, Daniel Craig and Eva Green too if I remember correctly. I thought it was good myself, the visual effects were great and actually won an academy award but it got mixed reviews and didn’t make as much money as they had hoped…so I doubt we will see a sequel any time soon.



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