Irish Farmers & Farmerettes Holiday in France

We had a lovely time on holidays even if we are all exhausted now and suffering with headcolds! We went to Euro Disney for 4 nights and although it was cold, it was milder than we expected. The children enjoyed the parades but a sign that they are growing up is that they weren’t bothered about queuing to meet any of the characters. We got one photo with Mickey (no queue) and that was it!

They loved the rides, were terrified during Thunder Mountain but were delighted afterwards that they’d done it (went into school boasting!) and the queues weren’t bad at all. The longest queue was 20 minutes and most were less than 5 min.

The food is terrible – overpriced and not at all good. Rather than spending well over ?100 a night on tasteless bad food, we ate in McDonalds for ?30!

We headed to Paris then for 3 nights, doing the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, little bit of Louvre, Notre Dame etc and then the kids and Brian went up to the Sacre Coeur while I was at the Maison show on Monday. ?It was a lot of ‘going’ but the kids seemed to enjoy the cultural aspects of Paris as much as they enjoyed Euro ?Disney so it was a win win really. ?Chcolate crepes and croissants went down a treat too.

It’s Brian’s birthday today so the kids are going to my mum’s for a sleepover. K was most put out that the 4 of us are not celebrating together so we’re making him 3 birthday cakes for tea (rhubarb cake, carrot cake and a coffee cake) before we head out!

Next week will be busy – the foundations for a small wind turbine are going in. I came home with the news that I’ve been asked to talk at a women’s group next Wednesday evening in Tipperary to be told that there will be 3 days of feeding contractors dinner and tea next week. Yes, it’s true what they say – a farmerette’s work is never done 🙂

4 thoughts on “Irish Farmers & Farmerettes Holiday in France

  • All things nice...


    I’m back in blogland again, moved into my new home so had no internet for over a month. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday, Paris is so beautiful and Disney is a real treat for the kids too. I will have to try and catch up with all my blogging, I started a new job too so it’s all go go! Good luck with the talk and I’m sure you will inspire the attendees.

  • ayearinredwood

    I love Paris in winter! We went in December a few years back and it was beautiful. My brother and family had the same comment about the Disney food! Where are you speaking on Wednesday – might try to get to it?


    • Lorna

      I’m doing a talk for South Tipp / Clonmel Enterprise Board 7-8:30, not sure of venue but it is in Clonmel. It is entitled ‘Simple and Effective Social Media for your business’ but as they don’t want it to be too techie, it is an explanation of how blogging etc works and how it worked for me, telling the story of how it got me business as well as free PR etc.
      Would love to meet you if you do make it, let me know if you are heading to it,
      L x



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