Book Review: Marigold the Organic Garden Witch

I’m reviewing a children’s book today. Written by Tracy Wathen-Jones, illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills, Marigold the Organic Garden Witch is a charming book telling the story of two good little witches, Marigold and Clover, who do their best to protect the garden vegetables from slugs by using organic methods such as using grit, eggshells and nematode worms. Two other witches, Bramble and Bindweed, do their level best to thwart their efforts however so the battle of good against evil commences.

Young readers (5-9) are introduced to other gardening concepts such as companion planting and selling their garden produce. It’s the kind of book that could enthuse young children to start gardening, particularly if they are wondering if there are fairy witches hiding behind the cabbages and beetroot!


Some of the sentences are a little long but it is well structured with dialogue presented in a different colour font. The illustrations are charming and absolutely gorgeous. Of course, the ‘bad witches’ wear dark colours and the ‘good witches’ wear pastels. I loved the pictures of the witches riding on the backs of the slugs.

Win A Copy

You can follow the witches on twitter too. Book purchase details are here for buying online and it can also be purchased at Ballymaloe. ?and the great news is Tracy has offered to give one lucky commentator a copy of Marigold the Organic Garden Witch (must be located in Ireland or the UK). ?All you have to do is leave a comment saying why you might like to win this book or if you can add to Tracy’s ideas for improving children’s knowledge about organic gardening, I’d love to hear it.

Disclosure: Tracy sent me a copy of Marigold the Organic Garden Witch to review and for my daughter to enjoy too 🙂 K is nearly ten and found it a little too young so I suggest it is great for 4-8 year olds.

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