Wolf? – No, A Model in Sheep’s Clothing

We’ve all heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing but what about a model in sheep’s clothing?!

La Laine - Dress from woven and plaited wool and sheep skeletons

These dresses with their agricultural themes are two finalists in a Junk Kouture, a recyclable fashion competition and they need your votes! ?Both are from Tullow Community School and one of the designers of the La Laine dress is my niece. La Laine has been created by using waste wool left over from last year’s shearing and they have also used sheep skeletal bones that they found while out hill walking. The dress is completely handmade and apart from woven and plaited wool and bones, it also includes paper mache and electrical detailing. I love the ‘ribs / corset’ ?effect created by the bones – very clever.

Reine de Bois tullow school

The Reine de Bois dress was created using timber waste products from the woodwork room in the school and from a local business that uses timber packaging. The concept evolved around the look of Katniss Everdeen from the movie The Hunger Games. The dress symbolises the qualities that Katniss has as a character in the movie: strong, independent and caring young woman who has a vulnerable side.

I think they are both beautiful and incredibly creative plus I love the agricultural themes.

If you could vote by clicking here and voting for La Laine (wool) or Reine de Bois (timber), that would be hugely appreciated. You can vote once every 24 hours. You will need a facebook profile to be able to vote as all the voting is happening within a facebook app. Many thanks, Lorna 🙂

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