Friday Farmologies #21-25

It’s Friday so it’s time for some farmologies. You know – those typical things that happen on farms and yet can manage to take you by surprise.

Farmology #21

A farming day is always a learning day and sometimes animals will surprise you in funny ways. Do you ever find that if you chance not shutting a gate properly or leaving a tiny gap that one cow or sheep is bound to spot it and make a runner for it? If there happens to be a lone tyre in the yard that fell off a silo, one of the heifer is bound to nuzzle it until she scoops it up, over her head and onto her neck. The necklace looks quite fetching with her yellow earrings doesn’t it?


Farmology #22

The one day you forget to check that the pockets are empty before you pop them in the washing machine, they are full of important receipts, scraps of paper with tag numbers scribbled on them, and fence staples. The latter is not good for your washing machine. The loss of the others aren’t good for the temper.

Farmology #23

The day that the sheep or cattle get out and you end up shouting at each other, blaming each other for not shutting the gate or not being able to run fast enough. Just as the air is turning blue, someone pops their head around the corner and it’s bound to be your priest / vicar, his mother or your nosiest neighbour.

Farmology #24

Call it misplaced optimism but the day that you don’t bother putting on your wellies to run up the yard to get milk, you end up having to stop a gap or do something that involves walking somewhere you hadn’t planned. Yes, your shoes get covered with muck.

Farmology #25

You tell him that dinner will be ready ten minutes before it will be, knowing he will be late. He knows that it won’t be ready at the time you say so decides to fit in another job before he comes in. Yes, you end up having dinner at least 20 minutes later than planned.

Here’s the links to the other farmologies if you’d like to check them out. I’d love to hear if these happen to you too! Hope you have a good weekend.


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